Web Management software

We have developed a software that allows even a novice user to create a web site using a browser. The user can create a virtually unlimited number of pages (limitations are only the sever space available).  The user can select a template for each page from a collection that the softare administrator may make available at will.  In the template the user can insert text, pictures, navigation bars etc. The templates may allow any type of design from restricted to totally unrestricted.  The user may use a collection of images made available by the administrator, or his/her own images from his/her own computer.  The user may also use PDF files or any other files from his/her computer thus making it posible to share files over the internet (the administrator defines permissions for the types of files that the server will accept from users).  There is no need for the user to have any particular programming or web design skills.  However, if the user does have some nowledge of html, he/she can use it at any comfortable level.  The software even provides text formatting capability, and a user guidance feature.

A demo version is available that allows a user without an account to create a limited site as a test drive. You can testdrive the software by clicking here.

If you would like to create a fully functional website using our software please contact us: info@commercebase.com

An administrative tool is also available which allows the administrator to manage users and privileges, update the templates available for users, and to create user accounts.

Key features:

  • Simple interface allows even a novice user to create a site as sophisticated as his/her time or his/her creativity can reach.
  • No special programing skills required
  • No web publishing software needed
  • Number of pages only limmited by the server space available.
  • Eliminates the problem of where the site will be hosted, how it will be uploaded, how it will be managed, etc.
  • Share documents with others over the internet
  • Administrative tools for managing multiple website authors and access
  • Step by step tutoring lessons included
  • (for a testdrive visit webmanager )

An advanced web manager software version is also available as a self contained web publishing tool, allowing multiple authors with controlable access privileges, moderated/unmoderated modes, multiple level categorization, search engine, fully customizeable templates, and much more.

If you would like to learn more details or to buy the full administrative package, contact us: info@commercebase.com

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