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          • Custom made Information Technology Business Solutions
          • Building online stores, shopping carts, online catalogues
          • Web site development
          • Business software tools

Directory of Business Services

E-commerce and Shopping Cart software

A fully customizeable solution for operating and managing an online store or catalogue.

  • Web site - ecommerce integrated solution for online shops
  • Customer management features
  • Real time credit card clearance
  • Inventory control feature
  • Uses its own database (no need for external database servers)
  • Mailing list management feature
  • Totally web based control via the browser
  • Banner rotation advertisement feature
  • Multiple product categories and subcategories
  • Product cross-selling feature
  • More components custom developed at your request
  • (for a testdrive visit


Web Management software

This software allows even a novice user to create a web site using a browser. No need to search for server space or to learn the most comlicated technical concepts. For details click here.  If you would like to create a site as a user, click here.

  • Simple interface allows even a novice user to create basic web sites
  • Share documents with others over the internet
  • Server space included
  • Administrative tools for managing multiple website authors and access
  • Step by step tutoring lessons included
  • (for a testdrive visit webmanager )

An advanced web manager software version is also available as a self contained web publishing tool, allowing multiple authors with controlable access privileges, moderated/unmoderated modes, multiple level categorization, search engine, fully customizeable templates, and much more.